Monday, April 10, 2023

Ocean awareness game in progress

I'm adapting the spacey-snakey-lizard brick-breaker game I did for ADG Slam Jam 2 to make a game with local Adelaide start-up and not-for-profit. I wont say the their name quite yet. It will have themes of ocean awareness in it once I get the basic mechanics working. Sigh, that will be a bit of a feat given my amateurish at best programming skills.

The adorable mascots are from left to right; Bree, Ying, Toba and Sam. Below is some gameplay. You use the (magical) sea slug to break the rubbish out of the clump and collect it into your (also seemingly magical) sack. The way in which the 3 other characters will be used is still in progress, such is the path of the game dev. I hope this game can inspire children to think more about our impact on the ocean, because the games I grew up with inspired me to care more about things. Take ZuPaPa or New Zealand Story for example, they got me interested deeply in art and crafting cartoon worlds. So who knows what this game could inspire in children and adults alike.
Below is the ball pushing animation but it's taking some time to implement the animations working nicely. I am the sole programmer and game dev on the project now.
Tacky art for the instructions screen (still in progress). All this stuff takes time and with the code, it takes a lot of brainpower to do it on your own!
I feel great dread over my art. Because I know that it's not at the level I used to be at. I have a knee-jerk insecure reaction when I see certain people, like the fancy-pants animator types from Australia I used to know, looking at my stories on Instagram. It was a story where I was trying to be a creative and a wholesome hooman bean, I think, so why feel bad? Point is, I don't have to. I'm doing my best with what I have. All drawing is draining for me. I can't say much more, because I sound like an big bummer once I start typing. 

Yet nobody is here for walls of text huh. You can tell I've changed since Calfarts years. Still, this art is ok. Here are some recent finished and WIPs of sorts. I blog when I have the impulse to every few days. I don't get much traffic here anyways.Better get back to work on art or code, over and out!

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