Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Simple icons done for a rural google map. Last two are the usual, phone photos of pen doodles + Photoshop. Remilia Scarlet and genderbent Nue Hojuu. Yup, I'm enjoying my Aussie winter.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Quick experiment. No model sheet. She's probably shooting danmaku or a wrathful solar beam (it's still summer so therefore, nerding out time) Flash & AfterEffects. Feeling like I'm creeping closer to creating the style of animation I want to, although thats an unending goal.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spain/Portugal #1

I went to Spain and Portugal a lil' before Avcon. Here are some pen and watercolor sketches of the first few days traveling and in Barcelona.
In the lounges.
 Alleys and streets. Lots of them.
The clean and bright Sagrada Familia sure contrasts with the (much much older) Barcelona Cathedral. I think my Camera just made it look particularly grim. 
I love little details like this. Looks like Medieval people used dogs for nap time foot cushions. Fascinating.
Rivalry between the two churches...(I like anthropomorphizing things okay.)
Gorgeous architecture everywhere you look.  
Although Disneyland may attempt to emulate it, this is the real deal.
...and I love castle architecture too. This is Castle Montjuïc. Will share more later!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Avcon 2013 was...

...flippin' amazing as always!
Here's a snapshot of my stall on saturday morning. 
Cosplayed this year as Komachi from Touhou Project! Major credit to mom for the tricky parts. My homemade scythe is on the floor in this pic though. 

Once again thanks to everyone who bought something from me, you've helped me pay for Calarts. 
But really, it's those little interactions with people that make the con experience so fantastic, seeing old faces along with meeting new ones, the happy energy exuded by fans of fictional characters, stories and worlds is something truly special. 

 It's pretty surreal yet rewarding to see your badges are still on someones backpack or hat after a whole year, or when someone tells you they have your artwork hanging in their home. I just wish the Artist Alley didn't close at 6pm, way too early!
 I'm definitely going to remember all you awesome people, so thanks for another year everyone!
Ps. I have a Storenvy now!