Saturday, May 25, 2013

first year reminiscence

Ok. So it's been a freshmen year filled mostly with a one-track rabid desire to follow my artsy dreams. A year devoted to making art, making friends & experiencing life.

I'll give some heartfelt advice.....maybe most applicable if you too, happen to be at a tender age and trekking overseas to start a double life in emotionally charged and bizarre foreign landscape such as Calarts...try to tame those feelings of embarrassment, hopelessness and frustration that you may have with your work and with yourself. Tour artistic aspirations are unique to you and it's something you should share with the world. Sappy, but yeah.

Stay on top of work, respect others and screw all-nighters. Honestly, less sleep resulted in nothing but impairing my work quality and becoming irritable. Sleep is good. :)

Another school year gone by, yet this time it was away from home in another hemisphere, but I still am as restless as ever. I'm trying out bikram yoga, re-exploring Adelaide (because this city feels so new to me) and making stuff to sell at Avcon 2013.

So thanks to all you people who have guided me along this long rugged artsy path in one way or another. Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact on how you view the world, and how extract some understanding of love and sense of purpose.
ARGH excessive sentimentality. Anyways thank you, random viewer.

Just some recent junkola to share...
Gardevoir oekaki.
Some Avcon 2013 progress. 47 days yo. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

False Mythology

Im got a lil' comic idea I want to mess around with this summer. I know i'll only learn through giving it a go, so here's a brief intro to these oddballs.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

for the love of lens flares

A group story assignment to retell a fairytale in a particular directing style. We were dished out Red Riding Hood and Michael Bay. Here's my segment, after the ill grandma (starred by Megan Fox) has been encased within the mecha-wolf, Red runs for her life.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

13 pages left of a good book

...and that book is my first year at Calarts. I could spew out some massive rant about this whole experience, but how can I possibly bring myself to think in retrospect when I have the glorious summer Aussie winter spreading out in front of me? :)   Just stay passionate about creating, life and learning. That's basically what i've learnt this year. But school isn't over just yet.

First some old stuff from spring break...
(That's me in the sketching gallery of the Getty Museum, 'appropriating' that painting)
'All you do in Open Drawing is make posters for Open Drawing' 
 A peek at some goods for Avcon 2013, start stockpiling your gold coins Adelaide. ohoho~

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Pecking Order

My first year film! 

Many thanks to Jerod Reetz for the great music composition, and to the musicians Laura Anderson, Marcus Buser and Jenica Anderson. Also thanks to Robert Lence and my mom (<3). It's been an awesome experience making this!