Friday, February 10, 2012

Google Tech Stop Mural

From the 6th to the 10th of February I worked on painting a mural for Google Sydney's "Tech Stop", a place Aussie Googlers frequent for tech advice and such. The idea behind the design was a mixture of Australiana and technology, featuring Australian wildlife enjoying various Google products, across the varying Australian landscape. I had a lot of fun even just brainstorming and sketching the various scenarios. I used Dulux interior acrylic paint, i.e. house paint, which reinforced the slick 'cartoonish' aesthetics. Although I have participated in an aerosol mural before, I've never done one that's all my own. The whole experience was a challenge, particularly when it came to applying the linework with a steady hand, yet ultimately it was very rewarding. The encouragement and comments I received inspired me to do my best. 

Here are a couple of progress shots.

The whole project was captured on time-lapse camera, thanks to Google's resident tech geniuses, so perhaps you can look forward to seeing a video of the whole thing sometime soon. Until then, cya.