Saturday, October 22, 2011

Film studies!

Last weeks assignment was to draw a scene from a film, but add animal heads onto all the people.
For a challenge, I decided to go for a 'lineless' approach and try looking harder at colors painting digitally using only a mostly opaque brush, so it was a  great learning experience. I made them all relatively smart dog breeds to try to emphasize their status as part of the educated middle-upper class, being wealthy enough to flee the turmoil of the cities...maybe I got too into it haha. I was feeling inspired by the fantastically awesome artwork done by my peers and decided to do some more but with different brushes, and try to implement the great advice I got. I would draw every second in Bladerunner if I could, but here's just one for now. It was great fun painting the neon lights and reflections...
...and here's another Dr. Zhivago, without the dog heads this time!

I love drawing from films more than dawdling around painting the entire shot, but its still good practice painting digitally. I can't wait till I'm done with exams and actually have time to draw, but I better go study some Japanese or English now. Till next time~


  1. So pro! Especially diggin' those first sequenced drawings.

  2. Thanks Renee! :D