Saturday, October 22, 2011

Film studies!

Last weeks assignment was to draw a scene from a film, but add animal heads onto all the people.
For a challenge, I decided to go for a 'lineless' approach and try looking harder at colors painting digitally using only a mostly opaque brush, so it was a  great learning experience. I made them all relatively smart dog breeds to try to emphasize their status as part of the educated middle-upper class, being wealthy enough to flee the turmoil of the cities...maybe I got too into it haha. I was feeling inspired by the fantastically awesome artwork done by my peers and decided to do some more but with different brushes, and try to implement the great advice I got. I would draw every second in Bladerunner if I could, but here's just one for now. It was great fun painting the neon lights and reflections...
...and here's another Dr. Zhivago, without the dog heads this time!

I love drawing from films more than dawdling around painting the entire shot, but its still good practice painting digitally. I can't wait till I'm done with exams and actually have time to draw, but I better go study some Japanese or English now. Till next time~

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting out and about...

Here's some observational work done for Mahoney's portfolio development class. These first two were done without taking the pen off the paper and then colored digitally. It was interesting experimenting with color schemes and the various moods created.

This week I drew for under an hour at Urimbirra wildlife park in Victor Harbor. Both were sketched straight with pen, but the color for the birds was a pre-done acrylics wash, while the kangaroos were colored digitally. I was so close to the animals, I had to constantly stop the kangaroos from nibbling at my paper, and its pretty enthralling having bug-eyed emus literally hovering above your paper while you draw. All in all it was great fun. I'd like to go back through these studies and experiment with pushing the anatomy and such for more interesting designs, that's something I'm striving to improve on. Bye for now.