Sunday, August 14, 2011

I finally got around to photographing (most of) my life drawings done during my month at the CSSSA Animation program. I did around 60+ drawings in life drawing class, of course not taking into account my sketchbooks! The drawings range from less than 5 min to around 15, and I tried to be selective and choose the ones I like most. 

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the life drawing at CSSSA is nothing like an average life drawing class. The models dress up and we were encouraged to use our 'imagination'. The teachers were incredibly helpful and inspiring and really forced us to create characters and scenarios out of the model in front of us, and consider design and composition as well. Whilst the cat handbag and plastic deer were actual props, I unfortunately must confide that the razor barbed hula-hoop was not. 

Apologies ahead of time for the snippets of our terracotta tile floor visible in some of the photos, but it was unavoidable.These are mainly in order of which sessions I did them. I hope nobody objects to me putting up a few of the portraits we did of classmates. If so, please tell me and i'll remove them. Click to enlarge the pictures. 

Continuous movement drawings.Yep, exactly what the name implies. 

The last two were done with tempera paints and involved some finger painting. xD


  1. The very Last one is my favourite.

  2. These turned out just beautifully!

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  4. Thanks guys! It means alot. n_n