Friday, June 30, 2023

Winter school and looking forward to Avcon

I have finished up semester one of Adelaide uni and am currently in winter school doing Travel Writing. My family have been overseas in America and Sri Lanka so I've been struggling with all the 'being alone in a massive house with nobody to engage with outside of school two days a week'. Today has been a tough day, I have a lot on my plate, things that aren't just school but MUCH bigger. I'm anxious about getting grades back and maybe doing badly. Since my content for one of my stories may not be so successful as I imagined in my head, and the other one is kinda poopy too. Plus don't get me started on my Japanese tests....groan.

I sewed some stuff toys lately (pictured at bottom here). Two fish and a sheeplike thing. It was really comforting working with textiles, even if the pieces aren't perfectly matching up.

I have tried to physical journal to keep from barfing verbal nonsense into poor unsuspecting people on Instagram and such. Writing on the computer is another cure for this anxiety, as I am enjoying writing on the Adelaide Convention Centre memories of Avcon, because it's a bit timely. That's coming up fairly soon! Speaking of Avcon, I'm involved with them this year on something cool, but they have yet to post the schedule, huh. There is like 19 days to go, what! Anyways, soon I'll be able to say what I'm participating with, and that will be really cool. Heck, they even asked for a bio, I hope I get some damn publicity out of this!

I uploaded some 'new' games to my Three to be specific. They are some games that are still a bit basic or broken but I think it's good for me to put them up there as 'prototypes' and examples of my work, like a portfolio. I even uploaded our 2020 GGJ submission, because my art was good back then.

Anyways, somedays it is possible for me to be 'productive' and get some schoolwork our game dev programming out. It's not possible every day, but I can still have 'good days', through maybe doing one drawing, cooking a tasty meal, even playing Pokémon Sword and Violet has helped my mood. Nido-family forever!

Blogging may not be seen by many people, but it's a little voice I've kept alive here, all these years.