Wednesday, March 22, 2023

AGD Slam Jam 2 progress

 I decided to join in the AGD Slam Jam 2 a few days late since it's run by local Adelaide game devs. I was considering, heck I need to get back into GameMaker programming, since it's been a few months of avoiding it altogether.

I turned back to FriendlyCosmonauts tutorial for a 'brick break' style game. I had followed her tutorial word-for-word to make a pong game years back, it maybe must've been 2021 I think. I failed miserably at implementing any sort of charm into the game, as I barely knew if and switch statements etc.  

This time, I started with chat GPT since I wanted to see what it could teach me. For better or worse, it taught me nearly nothing, as much of the code was broken or outdated GML from 2012 and such, using view_xview and other unused functions. Well, I had to suck it up and code it myself. 

 I found it easier than I had anticipated, as many of my previous GML games were fairly broken. I kept it simple, using brick objects I painted on per level. The creature bounces off of the walls using a formula that reversed the hspeed and vspeed. If I just dumped it here well, that would ruin the mystery.
move_bounce_all(true) truly proved very useful, as all the bouncing is due to that, I think it's convincing enough for a pixel art game made entirely by me. I've even managed to spit out some dumpy music just for fun, but it'll probably end up more a maddening contribution than anything.

Anyways, I should probably get back to it. I have yet to make it progress to levels as it jumps to level 3, the smiley face one. All the somewhat linear things are the ones I find hardest to conceptualise, how one thing links up to another. Might ask my dad for help, or plan it out like real devs do. Once that's done, maybe I can design some powerups for speed, enlargement and something else fun.

Procrastination bloggin' over and out. I should be working on an essay or Japanese damngg.

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