Friday, December 09, 2022

New site up. Dreamweaver is cool

 I now have my own completely homemade website. 

 I am getting the feeling people will not be as receptive on blogger as they were on WordPress, but WordPress was made for people with zero interest in crafting their own website. Only a handful of blogs on my sidebar are active anymore. It is showing me posts from 9 years ago! Then how do I keep readers? Well I have the email subscribe doo-dad in the sidebar, I hope it works.

I would like to create a more constructive habit around blogging, where I try to dump my art and say maybe what can't be said on an Instagram caption.

Wounded Wanderer (seen left) gets a redraw. I like it.

CasRyu, a pairing that is dear to me.

I don't know what the heck to do with myself online. I loathe social media, and went cold-turkey off Twitter for a year, only then to dip my toes back in. I can't stand it. Same with Instagram, I don't even check anymore, just dump my stories and art and run. No joke. I don't check comments, because when it's so easy for someone to make a comment, it's meaningless. I don't check messages, because I have gotten some weirdos, and because I'm afraid of rejection from people that have seen my woeful times, and are keen to assess my behavior.

Basically, I am seeking an internet sanctuary. I hope my custom Dreamweaver site can evoke some of that early internet magic, complete with star gif background I saw both on Neopets and a Griffith essay page(Twilight Visions it was called I think). My content may not be as thought out as those Griffith essays, but it carries a spirit of quirky chaos which is synonymous with my self concept of me. 

It feels good to have a portfolio that represents your best, even if that 'best' means scribbled ward drawings. I represents a part of what I want people to understand, NOT just some poorly thought out pile of Instagram posts. 

This is step two in my internet regression, turning back to the ancient blogger. Lately, I feel myself begin to get stronger with every drawing. Things are going to be ok.

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