Sunday, July 29, 2012

after Avcon....

Awaking Monday, I drowsily recall the chaos the of last 3 days. Almost instantaneously, the memories come flooding back, as vivid and surreal as an animation or video game...

In simpler terms... Avcon 2012 was AWESOME!!

I didn't even have to leave my table to take in all the amazing characters, both costumed or not, that were at the convention! It was exciting to see how people reacted to my work, and I loved being surrounded by gorgeous works done my fellow artists. Here's my Artist Alley Table early Saturday morning, before the hoards of con-goers stampeded through the foyer. I'll try and post some more photos later!

Thanks a million to everyone who bought a badge, sticker, print, poster or sketch from me! Also a big thank you to Rosie; the artist alley coordinator!

If anyone has a character suggestions for a badge and sticker, let me know for 2013!

By the way, here is the original print I teased you guys with on last post...

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