Monday, April 02, 2012

Sketchbook update

I've been really tearing through some sketchbooks since school started, because of my metro commute. These below are only the tip of the iceberg! In the vein of the artists I admire, I've tried to simplify my sketches, and look more at creating characters and story material rather than a 'realistic' portrayals, it's still a challenge. As usual, I used pen and Tombow markers for color, but I decided to slap on some digital color on a few for fun. I'm currently working on my own comic, and the story is taking shape, but I can't really post anything quite yet.
...and last but not least,here are some sketches from Oz Comic Con that was here in Adelaide last weekend, which I will be doing another post on sooner or later. I didn't have much time to sketch, being so busy rushing around gawking at merchandise and all, but I managed to scribble a bit. There were some pretty awesome cosplayers, I'm looking forward to Avcon later this year just to sketch more!

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