Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To celebrate the (supposed) revival of the internet in my dorm, I'll post some scraps while I can. These are not CSSSA project related, but I have drawn them in my brief moments before lights out, because the schedule for animators had been (somewhat) intense. Pardon their strangeness,although I was actually engaging my brain while I drew them, I'm not up for explaining. I'm trying to boost up these blog statistics, yes?
Just a bit of talk on CSSSA in general, its been great. Although I can't say I have a firm grasp on animation yet, I know I'll get there with time and practice. The days are long but fun. Night~


  1. Note to self: Never become Vela's dormate,

  2. I like the smiley t-shirt. I always draw people wearing smiley t-shirts, there so great.